About Me

Who are You?

Hiya! I’m Jordan, the imagination behind The Cutting Edge Veg.

Welcome! I am ecstatic to have you. Whether you are man, woman, undefined, omnivore, herbivore or unicorn. I accept you with open arms.

The Cutting Edge Veg was created back in 2018. Someday that will be a long time from now. This blog was born out of my love for vegetables. I used to be a potater hater and broccoli made my stomach churn. Growing up I battled an unhealthy relationship with food, but once I discovered that food isn’t the enemy I began to celebrate foods in all its forms. I found a love for whole foods (not the store) and suddenly vegetables were bright flavor bombs of taste.

I cook with a no nonsense mentality. Everything I make must meet an extensive set of requirements. Kidding! As long as it’s tasty, whole, and plant-based then I’m happy. I like food to also be easy. No crazy methods or extensive preps will be used here. Rest assured that whatever comes from The Cutting Edge Veg kitchen will be healthy, approachable, and undeniably delicious.

Is This a Vegan-Only Site?

Not necessarily. Most recipes popping up here will be vegan because that’s how I choose to enjoy my foods. Whether you eat vegan or not is your business. I’m just over here trying to provide some whole-foods plant based recipes for the everyday.

How Do I Get Around?

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  • Wellness Trends is all things wellness and my favorite ways to celebrate personal health.
  • The MENTAL HEALTH tab will be info as to how I cope with mental health as well as contributions from others on this topic
  • The PLACES tab is all my travels and vegan foods I find abroad and here in Omaha.

How Do I Keep Up?

Well that’s lovely that you wanna stick around! Keep up with me through:

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