The Absolute Most Perfect Nice Cream

So y’all may be wondering.. What is nice cream, and on top of that, what is The Absolute Most Perfect Nice Cream? Well it’s basically the best discovery for the vegan world.…rfect-nice-cream/

Today I have a short post because you know, life. It’s a lot lately and I just feel like getting to the point and not wasting your time. So this quick recipe will be perfect for you and I.

Nice cream is just frozen bananas blended into ice cream. When it smoothes out in the blender, it gets fluffy and just so creamy.

It’s naturally sweet so you don’t need to add much sweetener. And you can use those brown bananas getting smelly on your counter to get the ultimate natural sweetness.

What’s So Great About The Absolute Most Perfect Nice Cream?

My method in specific is the most foolproof. I know that’s a big claim, but I’ve tried so many methods for making nice cream and this has proved the best success.

My secret? These babies right here……rfect-nice-cream/

The easiest thing you can do to prep for your nice cream is freeze your bananas in ice cube molds.

By doing this you have little banana cubes that blend up perfectly with a touch of almond milk and make your nice cream just that much simpler.

And healthy ice cream in ten minutes would definitely keep me out of the Ben and Jerry’s pint.

The Absolute Most Perfect Nice Cream

makes: 1-2 servings…rfect-nice-cream/


  • bananas
  • plant-based milk


  1. To prep the bananas I like to blend fresh ones until they are smooth and liquidy. Pour them into ice cube molds.
  2. Once these cubes are frozen you can blend them in a blender with about 2 tablespoons of milk per banana.
  3. Blend them until fluffy and light. Pour into a bowl and top with fresh berries, granola, vegan chocolate sauce, nut butter, or anything you fancy 🙂…rfect-nice-cream/


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