6 Things Keeping your Bedroom from Being Healthy

Did y’all know May was mental health month? Yeah me neither. Mental health is so important to me and I think it should be at the forefront of peoples’ priorities in 2018. One of my New Year’s intentions was to better my mental health this year so I’ll be sprinkling a few posts now and again when I have some advice that I think will be useful. Today I want to talk about what’s in your bedroom and why there are 6 things keeping your bedroom from being healthy.…om-being-healthy/

I feel it’s safe to say that most people would like to be healthy. Though for most of us this starts with the body. Which is a good start since that’s where most of your personal health lies.

But I noticed something the other day after making a few changes in my bedroom that I think is some good advice. Some of our health flaws can be found in the environment we surround ourselves in.

The following things get in the way of that or distract you from getting quality results in either category. So continue reading for your way to a healthy nest and a healthy rest.

6 Things Keeping your Bedroom from Being Healthy…om-being-healthy/

I’m definitely one of those people that think its revolting to eat in your bedroom, but find myself sneaking snacks up their out of habit. However, I’ve completely ruled out this habit because it simply isn’t worth it.  You’ll never see a Cutting Edge Veg instagram of the charming snack in bed flatlay post. The hard and fast of it is that it’s just kind of gross. I picture myself snacking in bed watching Netflix on my laptop when the screen goes dark and all I see staring back in the reflection is a double chin eating while laying down.…om-being-healthy/…om-being-healthy/

Probably an obvious one but it doesn’t go without saying for everyone. I’ve seen a whole flask on someones bedside table (who hopefully doesn’t read my blog) and even the bottle of half-full captain Morgan sitting alongside the bed with the excuse that “it helps me go to sleep”.

Now I’m not one to judge. But alcohol in the bedroom is not my idea of feng shui. It’s smelly and no matter how cute or vintage the bottle is just save it for the bar cart and take a NyQuil instead.…om-being-healthy/…om-being-healthy/

This one is kind of unexpected but light can really affect how you sleep. Natural light is the best option for a natural dusk and dawn. But we don’t all rise and rest at 6 AM/PM. Blocking out the light with curtains or blinds helps to keep the somber light of night-time in and the harsh rays out until you wake.

Not only natural light can disturb your slumber. Artificial lights being left on can also inhibit your internal clock. Swapping out blinding light bulbs for dimmer shades may improve the overall serenity in the room. And will be quite sultry later on 😉…om-being-healthy/

Trash cans or just trash in general speaks for itself. They are trash, clutter, garbage. They literally clutter up your life. I like to think of my bedroom as my brain. It’s where I rest and rejuvenate. When it’s cluttered with snipped off clothing tags and socks that have become too hole-y to wear then I feel like a part of me is messy and unkempt. (she types as she’s sitting in her room with that mornings outfit rejects strewn all over the floor)

Bottom line here friends. Trash is trash, and your bedroom isn’t trash, so maybe don’t let the two mix.…om-being-healthy/…om-being-healthy/

I use to be the high school student that waited until the last minute to study for the test. It was so bad it was funny. I would leave study papers and materials on my bed so I’d remember to wake up and study them while I’m eating breakfast. Books would be piled up on the other side of my double bed and would literally weigh the side down.

Obviously my first note of advice would be to not procrastinate as awesomely as I did back in the day. (like 2 years ago) (who are we kidding I do that in college)

But the main takeaway here is to keep the homework and important documents out of the bedroom. Facing them first thing when you wake up is like checking your email while you’re still under the covers. It adds unneeded stress and anxiety right off the bat and doesn’t set you up on a good tone the remainder of the day.…om-being-healthy/…om-being-healthy/

As a littler version of myself, because I’m definitely still a child, I spent way too much time deciding on what fancy duvet I could pick out from the JC Penney catalog when my sister and I graduated from a bunk bed to double beds. I wanted the brightest most extra comforter the store sold. My criteria was Pink, Patterned, and if they had Hannah Montana’s face on them then I was sold.

It wasn’t until about 13 when I realized the childish tween bedroom decor needed an update. And try as I might, I just couldn’t find a way for the electric neon bedspread to look anything but tacky. There was no way I could have a neutral moment going on with that eyesore. So I nixed the bedspread and opted for all white.

Sheets, comforter, pillow, the lot. All of them are a crisp white and I couldn’t be more in love. I will warn you though, if you are makeup heavy or have particularly heavy flows, white may not be the best route. But any neutral will do.

Remember, its the first thing you see when you wake up so make it relaxing.

Now that the bedroom culprits have been identified, I thought I’d give some healthy bedroom habits that help me when I’m feeling stressed.…om-being-healthy/

Keeping a book next to my bed is my silent reminder to not pick up my phone when I’m under the covers. Everyone knows that phones are toxic in the bed. They have blue light and cause cancer and emit radiation that will give you birth defects and will grow legs and attack you in your sleep yada yada yada.

We know but we will still do it!

But having my bookmarked novel just waiting for me at my bed reminds me to disconnect for the night and stimulate the mind for a little bit. Reading improves vocabulary so I like to think of it as multitasking in a way.

Here’s the kicker though. Just keep book. One singular book. Don’t stack your must-read collection of books because thats like facing a mountain of paperwork first thing in the morning. It stresses me out to think about getting through that many books. But keeping one book to tackle chapter by chapter is a great reminder for myself to read more.…om-being-healthy/…om-being-healthy/

Again with the phone. It’s just not a good thing to wake up to. Set an alarm on a real alarm clock so you aren’t tempted to snooze, swipe, and scroll until you’re late for work.

Good news! they make some fancy alarm clocks these days. The have ones that turn on and run away and you have to chase them out of bed. They have ones that make you calculate a math problem to shut them up. And they have ones attached to a coffee maker so you can wake up to your morning brew.…om-being-healthy/

Ya’ll already know about me and my oils. There are so many blends you can diffuse in the bedroom. Some are relaxing, some are energizing, some are libido enhancing. Get some oils and experiment with a diffuser in the bedroom.

Just make sure to get one that’s relatively silent. Nothing is worse than hearing drippy noises all night long. Unless you’re into that, then it’s a real life sound machine.…om-being-healthy/


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