Vegan Favor(eight): Winter 2018

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I never thought I’d be the type to have monthly favorites. The truth is I just don’t accumulate enough things to be able to write lengthy descriptions about my picks of the month. But I find that each season the products I’m reaching for change a little bit. So today Im sharing with you 8 of my winter favorites. This is apart of my vegan favorites series. Eight of my most favoritest of things featuring some corny wordplay in the title. Because #whynot.

8 of my Winter Vegan Favorites


Davines all in one milk

My discovery of this product was through my birch box subscription from about this time last year. I got the sample size of the little bottle and chucked it in a pile that my subconscious knows is unofficially labeled “most likely won’t try”. I didn’t understand what all in one milk meant and the label was in French, so I didn’t bother to fiddle with it. It is also in an ominous black bottle which I thought odd for a hair styling product.

It took me half a year to realize that this little black bottle is hair magic. Starting with the scent. The label says it has something called Rouccou Oil which I assume is what makes it smell amazing and like no other scent I’ve ever had the pleasure of dousing my hair in.

I researched Davines and although they aren’t a vegan brand, their website states that most products are suitable for vegans despite  list of products. Of which none were this product so I say it’s ok in my vegan bible

Nemat Amber oil

A friend introduced me to this potion back in August. And I say potion because not only is this a strange wonder, but it comes in this little square bottle with a gold top that resembles the Taj Mahal. It isn’t really an essential oil because amber is a resin, but it also isn’t a perfume because its a single oil.

Regardless the smell is wondrous. I dab some of this on my pulse points and smell it all throughout the day. The scent is uplifting and is even rumored to be an aphrodisiac. If you’re picking up what Im putting down.


Veganized World

The Lentil’s Shirt                                                                        The Tofu Worshipper Shirt

I featured this lovely brand last week in my 5 favorite #GIRLPOWER clothing brands so check that out if you want their back story. I love what the brand is about. They turn the fifty-dollar-tee-shirt trend on it’s head and add a sassy vegan message. And if I can be a sassy vegan whilst I march on the streets of Omaha then you know I’m gonna do it!

Mental Health


I put this in the mental health category because it has helped me so much in the winter months to slow the f down. During the holiday season it is easy to get caught up in the go-go-go. And for some reason it is just harder to get out of the warm shower this time of the year. But substitute a scratchy towel for a cloud-like cushy robe? Now you’re talking. On days I don’t have work or school I make it a point to take my time with my day. Even if that means staying in my robe longer than what is normal for most humans than so be it! Curling up with a book and a warm cup of tea just makes sense in a cozy plush robe.

Mama Namaste

Aquamarine Lava Double Strand Necklace                  Moon & Lava Necklace

I referenced this company in my last post about Grapefruit Essential Oil and have found this accessory to be my best use for diffusing essential oils. As you know, essential oils aid in mental health and having them on a necklace really helps with my mental clarity throughout the day.

Mama Namaste has some beautiful designs for those who love a more minimal approach to jewelry. Not only does she create lava bead jewelry for essential oils but also crystal jewelry for those who use them for energy and cleansing.


Celestial seasonings Vanilla Rooibus

Nothing has made me happier than the fact that I finally like tea. As a child I had a bad relationship with tea. Especially the iced kind. What I hated the most was when I would mistake my mother’s tall glass of iced Coca Cola for a bitter glass of iced tea. No matter how much artificial sweetener she put into that drink it was just not my taste.

Skip to 2018, I found a love for tea. I had a coffee date with an old friend late in the day when it dawned on me. Once we got to the shop we both realized we don’t like drinking coffee so late in the day, so we opted for tea. I tried a pack of Madagascar Vanilla Rooibus and fell in love. The sweet vanilla combines with the spice of the red tea and is so warming and comforting during the freezing cold Nebraska months.

I hit my nearest shop and stocked up on this stuff. We’re talking boxes on boxes. Skip to now, I write this post with a warm cup brewing beside me. This favorite has been such a great member of my daily routine this winter.


Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

I’m not gonna lie. I bought this for my mother when in reality I just wanted it for myself. I have been a fan of Teighan Gerard for years. Her blog is such an inspiration to me. When I heard that her cookbook was coming out I knew I had to own it. Although this isn’t a vegan cookbook it has great recipes for vegans and omnivores. This was the reason I gave my mom for the gift. With this there are some recipes she’d like, I’d like, and some we could make together. Some examples of vegan or nearly vegan recipes include: overnight oatmeal, granola, curry, veggie burgers, pasta and so much more.

Laptop case

I purchased this when I first got my MacBook from a website called Society 6. There are literally hundreds of designs from artists and graphic designers. I would be surprised if you didn’t find something you liked. I fell in love with this pattern. I didn’t buy it at first because I thought it was a little loud. But I decided I wanted to be the type of girl who has citrus fruits on her laptop case so I took the plunge. I’ve also received tons of compliments and my favorite part is the fact that its every color so it doesn’t show dirt or schmutz easily.



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