5 GIRL POWER Clothing Brands To Look For in 2018

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Though I love talking about food I thought I’d take it easy this week and give attention to a portion of the fashion scene I find so inspiring. Since 2018, women empowerment has never been more relevant amongst the fashion scene. The easiest statement you can make is in what you wear. So why not spread the girl power message every time you tug on your pants or slip on your sweatshirt?

The fashion scene is so heavily polluted with fast fashion and major rip offs of high end brands. Amongst  the polluted market it’s easy to skip over niche companies that are really setting the stage for women’s clothing. Although I understand the appeal of designer style shirts under twenty bucks I would much rather give my money to small businesses with a good message. These #girlpower clothing brands are cheeky, sassy, and fun ways to empower your ladies around you and get the message across.

5 Girl Power Clothing Brands

This first shop is near and dear to me. Mostly because it’s right here in Nebraska. Hello Holiday is for the adventurous. For the women who live without walls and aren’t afraid to to be themselves. Women of all sizes can find something they’ll fall in love with at this vintage-inspired women’s boutique.
Girls Support Girl Tee                                                                    Boys Support Girls Tee

What I love most about the brand is that they work with indie designers to source their clothing. So virtually everything is one-of-a-kind and exclusive. They also have some sassy pieces that encourage ladies to dominate daily. I’m obsessed with their Girls Support Girls and Boys Support Girls shirts for all ages, genders, and sizes.

Hello Holiday believes in mixing the professional, the personal, and the political in order to influence policy and issues that affect women, people of color, those in the LGBT+ community, and those in other underrepresented groups. They have made strides with this through letter writing campaigns for our elected officials, by collecting menstrual products for homeless women, and by hosting and sponsoring events to increase visibility for a diverse range of causes they care about.

“From abortion access when we brought Texas Senator Wendy Davis to speak at the Slowdown, to supporting female-fronted musicians at Benson Femme Fest, we have been proud to represent our values of inclusivity and advocacy every day.
Our goal is to build a business based on compassion and inclusion, that is mindful of community. We know that the more women love themselves, the better off the world is. Join us in creating that world together.”

I debated with myself as to whether I should attempt to summarize what the Femininitees brand is about whilst still establishing there sassy claims. But I realized they do the best job of explaining themselves so I’ll just let the about page take it away:
FEMININITEES SPRING 2017 Photographer: David Divad @divad
“Femininitees™ was born on a cold winter night in the Brooklyn apartment of two women. The heat was broken and their nipples were hard. Surrounded by space heaters, the women discussed the upcoming Presidential election, its weight looming over their heads like that month’s electricity bill.
Despite major advances, the United States is still not a place where women have equal pay, where they can revel in uncensored lives as men do. Women’s bodies are judged and often shamed while their voices remain apologetic.
Femininitees™ are one-of-a-kind,  embroidered T-shirts created by two women, for all women. Each shirt has a specific message that aims to bring attention to the gender inequalities females deal with everyday.
A portion of all proceeds is donated to the National Organization for Women (NOW).
We hope that through this endeavor we can give girls confidence to speak out about injustice and take a small step forward towards gender equality.
When talking isn’t enough, wear the message across your censored, life-providing tits.”

My favorites are the censored and the nipple tees. I don’t carry enough balls to sport the Free the Nipple TeeHowever, I would salute the women that sports that in their street style. Their Cats Over Catcalls Tee is also another I am a fan of. Overall this tee shirt shop is perfect for the female who likes to make statements and push envelopes with their tops.

Veganized World

I couldn’t create this post without including a vegan brand. Why not make a statement with food while we are empowering women? The creators of the Levi Lentil’s tee and the Tommy Hilfiger Tofu Worshipper tee are killing it in the vegan community. Their range of t shirts posing as popular brands like Calvin Klein, Vogue, Chanel, Barbie, and even Google are trendy ways to get the message across. Passive aggressive, but extremely chic.
The Lentils Tee                                                                           The Tofu Worshipper Tee

I love that this shirt design is in style while serving a minor dig at the “$50 tee shirt-style” that has been trending lately. This online shop is for the cutting edge vegan. I wish I had thought of it! What’s more, all of their shirts are 100% sweat shop free. Their factories are W.R.A.P Gold certified and their sewing floor is solar-powered. So you can’t feel good about rocking these sassy veggie shirts.

Revice Denim

This brand is about revising the vintage denim you know and love. You know, the lightly worm pair of jeans with just enough holes you score at the thrift store after hours of searching. Yeah me neither, these days the racks at thrift shops and good wills have already been picked over from your town’s resident vintie. Or they are being resold by your nearest entrepreneur with a massive markup. Rest assured, Revice Denim is here to fit your bum in some legit denim.

To counteract the popularity of disposable denim from the fast fashion market, Revice Denim optimized the process of making great jeans to sell to great people. They eliminate unneeded costs by selling direct to their customers. They ensure every fit is top notch and their styles range from trendy to cheeky.  Any fellow denim fiend will consider Revice a denim a grand source for amazing trousers. They also have an A-list cast of customers like Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, and Yovanna Ventura. Be the next Revice Denim babe!

I heard about this brand in such a fascinating way. They were featured within one of my favorite foodies’ Youtube Channel Katie Quinn (check out her amazing videos here). The London-based company, owned by Maxine Thompson had founded Polka Pants after feeling frustrated with the unbecoming trousers available to women in the culinary industry. With this in mind, she combined her degrees in business, culinary, and textiles and created the ideal female trousers for cooks and chefs.

These pants are one of my favorite investments. The design takes after utility clothing of the 1940s. They are fitted at the waist and cropped at the ankle. They fit gives your bum a nice lift and the the Polka Pants tag is adorable peeking out of a cheeky crop. On top of that the material is a wonderful blend of cotton making your culinary dance in the kitchen happen with ease.

Although I am no chef I have had my share of experiences in commercial chef kitchens. I too have experienced the deficit of chef trousers that actually make me feel flattered in a unisex market. I like to wear mine with a sweater tucked in. Or even with a sassy vegan tee poking out the top. These statement pants are truly one-of-a-kind.

Polka Pants come in a range of colors like Utility black, Houndstooth, The original polka pant, and white. Two leg lengths are also available if you’d like cropped or long. Either way both are cropped on me but I like the little peak of ankle. They often feature different limited edition shades so be sure to sign up for their newsletter to hear the latest.

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