Vegan Sushi

Blue Sushi and Sake 

Pictured: (middle two vegan rolls) Eden roll and Crunchy cabbage roll
  • Vegan menu options
  • Must order: Eden roll and Crunchy cabbage

This sushi restaurant has tons of all vegan rolls. They do unique things with their rolls. My favorite roll is the Eden roll with sweet potato vegan tempura, grilled asparagus, edamame hummus, sun-dried tomato, brown rice, soy paper, olive oil.

Tokyo Sushi

  • Vegan menu options

If you want all you can eat sushi this is great for the starving vegan. They have an array of vegetarian rolls that are just vegetables and rice. And you really can’t beat their prices.


  • Vegan menu options
  • Must Order: Vegan sushi rolls: avocado, cucumber, tempura sweet potato

This is a great place for sushi and grill lovers. Those who want sushi can be satisfied while stir fry lovers lovers have some great options. I like to opt for the curry, however they do have a range of tofu dishes to please the palette.

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