Vegan Steakhouses

*places that serve steak and also have vegan options

Omaha Prime Steakhouse

Pictured: Vegan option of the night
  • Vegan food option

I joined a group of friends going to this restaurant to celebrate a birthday. This is your steak and seafood restaurant and I expected there to be nothing for little ol’ vegan me. However, I did call ahead and the cook said they can provide a vegan menu with the seasonal ingredients they had on hand. I was ecstatic that they could do this.

The night I went I was served two vegetable and quinoa patties with rice and steamed vegetables. They also had some tomato sauce in a little gravy boat that really helped with the taste. Although this wasn’t at the same level of gourmet as the entrees my friends had, I was happy that the restaurant catered to vegans. What was most important to me was that I could spend time with my friends and not just eat lettuce. The dinner does start out with an introduction of all the cuts of meat they serve along with an in depth description of where that meat came from on the body of the cow. So if details like that make you  squirm I would choose elsewhere.

What you should come her for is the experience. Because we had an expected party of 13 we were seated in our own party room in the top of the historic building in downtown Omaha that houses the passageway. This restaurant seems very small when you first walk in as the main floor is a bar. But once you climb the stairs it is a flourishing restaurant with a lot of character.

Spencer’s Steakhouse 

  • Vegan food options

I was very impressed the evening I went to Spencer’s. I called ahead to see if they cater to a vegan diet and was told they do and to alert my server. I was given a choice of either a flatbread style pizza with a cauliflower puree and vegetable toppings or the risotto with mushrooms. I went with the risotto and did not miss the butter or cheese one bit. It was so flavorful and rich. Salad and bread come with the dinner and my server was very thoughtful to make sure my salad was plant based. For dessert they had many choices of chocolate non-vegan choices. However, they did have a berry sorbet that was dreamy. Best and creamiest sorbet I;d ever had.


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