Vegan Pizza Restaurants

Brick Oven Pizzaria 

  • Vegan menu options
  • Must Order: Vegan pizza combos, vegan carrot cake

This hole in the wall pizza spot pioneered the scene for vegan pizza in Omaha. As a vegan, I know the range and quality of vegan cheese shreds we have. Though the ones used by Brick Oven are pretty convincing. They also make their pesto vegan and have vegan parmesan style cheese so you don’t have to feel left out at the table. One amazing thing other than the pizza is the desserts. Their cakes are delicious layers masterpieces and are a must order. I always get the carrot cake since y’all know how much I love the stuff.

Noli’s Pizzaria 

  • Vegan menu options
  • Must Order: veggie pizza + ASK FOR VEGAN CHEESE

So far, the BEST pizza crust I have tried here in Omaha. Super thin without flopping over. Great to be eaten like pizza is meant to be eaten, folded in half taco style! A couple of their combos are vegan just be sure and ask for the vegan cheese. No other veg-friendly pizza place in Omaha has cheese that melts the way Noli’s does. They win in all aspects: crust, toppings, sauce, and cheese.

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