Vegan Mediterranean Food

Amsterdam Falafel and Kebab

  • Vegan menu options
  • Must Order: Spicy falafel with spicy red and green sauce

This fast-food style falafel restaurant is arguably the best falafel I’ve had in Omaha. It features a DIY menu allowing you to pick your style. The sandwich, salad or plate are all vegan friendly. Then you pick your falafel, either classic or spicy. Then you can get saucy with their spicy green or red sauces. I like doing both because I’m extra. On the side try their moroccan peanut soup its divine.

El Basha

Pictured: Mediterranean salad and Mezze platter
  • Vegan menu options
  • Must Order: Mezze Platter

In addition to having amazing falafel, this restaurant has delicious Lebanese food. The Mezze platter is a definite appetizer to order to try a sample of some of their best dishes. They serve their hummus, baba ghanouj, falafel and tabouli on this platter and its a great sampler for someone new to Lebanese cuisine. I love to share that over lunch and have it with the salad and pita bread. One thing to note though is that the baba ghanouj is not vegan. There is dairy yogurt in it so possibly try substituting some extra hummus or share with someone else.

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