Vegan Korean Food

Suji’s Korean Grill

Pictured: Stir fried kimchi with steamed tofu
  • Vegan menu
  • Must Order: Vegan scallion pancake, Korean fried cauliflower, Vegan Japchae

I drove by this strip-mall restaurant a number of times until I finally bit the bullet and checked out their menu. Not only do they have a pretty vast menu of Korean delicacies, but they have an entire section for Vegans. You even get a special menu! I felt so loved. The environment is pretty contemporary with each table being centered around a small grill so meat-eaters can partake in Korean BBQ. I went here wth my boyfriend who doesn’t eat Vegan and we both knew instantly that we’d be bringing our friends here to have a unique dinner experience in the future.

Request the Vegan menu at Suji’s and you are set. The scallion pancake is a must order. Served with jalapeño infused soy sauce, it baffled me as to how delicious it was without containing eggs. They also have the equivalent to Korean fried chicken with their Korean fried cauliflower which right there should have convinced you that this restaurant should be added to your list.

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