Vegan Ice Cream

Coneflower Creamery

  • Vegan menu options
  • Must Order: Vegan chocolate ice cream

Not only is this retro-inspired ice cream shop delicious, its located in the Blackstone district which is totally Instagrammable. The historic architecture and vibrant murals are begging for you to snap a nonchalant pick of you with your ice cream cone and a sassy caption.

Just like all my most favorite eateries, this shop’s menu changes with the seasons and takes advantage of the most recent harvest. Their farm-to-cone menu features vibrant flavors like golden milk, peanut butter chocolate chip, mango chili sorbet, and chocolate. (I know that last one sounds pretty typical but when you find actually good vegan ice cream you want to spread the word)

Ted and Wally’s

  • Vegan menu options
  • Must Order: Seasonal vegan flavor(s)

Like Cornflower creamery, this is another Omaha creamery. They specialize in their own homemade ice creams and pride themselves on authenticity. They usually have two to three flavors that are vegan and are always delicious.

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