Vegan Fine Dining

The Grey Plume

  • Vegan tasting menu

Voted as one fo the best and most complex eating experiences in Omaha, I knew I had to see if they had anything vegan. I was so pleased to learn that they do. They had a choice of either selecting a vegan option from the menu or doing a 4,5, or 8 course menu. I was able to have the 4 course tasting menu for myself and boyfriend during the evening. He had the meat-ccentric tasting menu while I had the plant based menu.

Every dish was exquisite. This was my first vegan meal where they really put veggies at the center of the dish. They didn’t distract your palette with anything starchy or doughy. It was all vegetables and all delicious. This is usually a seasonal menu so I don’t have any recommendations other than go there and enjoy!

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