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Modern Love

Pictured: Bacon Cheeseburger, Warm Gloat Cheese Salad, Brussels Aioli, and Bean and Cheese Quesadilla
  • All vegan menu
  • Mac and shews + modern sundae

Okay so right off the bat, I lied. This restaurant is always my first recommendation for anyone visiting Omaha. It is Omaha’s first all-vegan restaurant whose tag-line is: Swanky Vegan Comfort Food and boy howdy does it live up to it. Everything I have ever tried there is wonderful mostly because they feature an every-changing seasonal menu that takes advantage of that month’s bounty. On top of that, they make virtually everything from scratch. Including fancy cocktails and sodas. 

One of my favorite dishes is the Mac & Shews. This dish features a creamy red pepper mac and cashew-based cheese with crispy tofu, blackened cauliflower, sautéed kale, and spiced pecans.  Its better than any non-vegan Mac and cheese I’ve ever had, but that mostly consisted of Kraft’s famous EasyMac. One thing you should keep in mind is you should always save room for dessert. This menu changes seasonally as well and is well worth taking some of your dinner home in a take away so you can devour bread puddings, ice cream sundaes, coconut cream pies, or peanut butter cup tarts. 


3157 Farnam Street – Omaha NE
phone: 402-614-6481
having trouble making a reservation? text: 531-600-8772


Open Tues-Sun 5pm – 10pm
More hours and brunch coming soon!

Mark’s Bistro

  • Vegan menu options
  • Must order: Hummus plate, Thai noodle curry

Of all restaurants this ranks second as my favorite. They always have a seasonal vegan menu option. This night they had a tofu vegetable noodle curry and a spring pea risotto. Other menu items can be adapted for vegans and are all impressive. I especially love waiting in the bar underneath the restaurant when there is a long wait. In the summer this restaurant is dreamy as there is a rooftop patio.


4916 Underwood Avenue

Omaha, NE 68132.


Monday thru Thursday:
11am – 10pm

Friday and Saturday:
11am – 11pm

Closed Sundays.

The Kitchen Table

Pictured: Hummus salad (no cheddar, with heirloom beans) and Vegan snack mix
  • Vegan menu options
  • Must order: Vegan snack mix and take it into the theater!

I was so excited when this restaurant opened a second location. And what’s even better is that it’s connected to the Film Streams theatre. Great food offerings for vegans and vegetarians. Most dishes are omnivorous but can easily be adapted to be vegan. The setting also has major hipster vibes and has a cool-casual feel. Definitely a great bistro type restaurant where you can take some vegans and omnivores.


4952 Dodge St.

Omaha, NE 68132


M-F 11am-10pm

Sa-Su 9am-10pm


1415 Farnam St.

Omaha, NE 68102


Mondays 11am-3pm

T-F 11am-8pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday 9am-2:30pm


  • Vegan menu options
  • Must order: Chargrilled portobello mushrooms (hold the aioli), Veggie Couscous and Quinoa salad (No cheese or eggs)

This is a great restaurant for something a little more upscale. You can still get away with jeans but if you’re looking for some great food and bar scene then this is a good night out. It has great offerings for omnivores and some hidden goods for vegans. Nothing on the main menu is naturally vegan but with some simple changes you can get something delicious. Be sure to let the server know your diet and you’ll be good to go.


7814 DODGE ST.

OMAHA, NE 68114



FRI-SAT: 11AM – 11PM | SUN: 10AM-9PM



OMAHA, NE 68102



FRI-SAT: 11AM – 12AM

SUN: 10AM-10PM

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