Layered Chia Pots + Some Chit Chat

Today I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve been thinking lately. I’m gonna talk a little bit about these chia pots but mostly gonna chit chat on some things. So whip this recipe up and come back for a nice little read and have some tea while I spill some.

I don’t have any real tea to spill with any certain person but just kind of wanted to spread around my thoughts and see if anyone agreed.

Today I wanna talk about anxiety and the type of anxiety that centers around appearances. And not just physical appearance. I’m talking about the way you appear to others. While that does include your appearance it also includes a ton of other things. More on that later.

These thoughts were inspired by this video posted by Gabbie Hanna (thegabbieshow on YouTube). She recited this quote and it really hit home with me…
from my instagram @cuttingedgeveg

It really got me thinking about the type of world we live in.

It seems like 2018 has been the year of mental health issues. I’ve felt the stress from anxiety for years now and have just recently heard so many other influencers and even friends come out of the woodwork for their mental health issues.

I think it I so great that we are all sharing and supporting eachother. When you keep it to yourself you start to think that you’re the only one with these thought patterns but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

All this got me thinking more about these cases of anxiety, depression, and panic disorders and I began to think this is something more.

I think for so many years it was the norm to stay numb to these things. In order to appearĀ okay we need to suppress our mental health issues and seem peachy to everyone we meet. But this is such a toxic way of living that it does more harm then good.

And social media hasn’t helped this in the slightest. It’s as if the rise in social media’s popularity caused a rise in anxiety as well. (no source on that just an observation) Which makes some sense since apps like instagram have become less about daily life and more about curated perfection.

2018 was the beginning of the social media cleanse and it’s no wonder since what we see so much of is stylized versions of peoples lives. People we look up to like celebrities, influencers, etc.

So I guess the whole point of this chit chat is to encourage anyone with a mental health issue to reach out to someone.

You don’t need to put anything on social media unless your comfortable. For so long I hid my anxiety from my family because I thought they’d think it was overrated. Once I did reach out I found out that anxiety is something that my sister and mother have dealt with for years, and depression runs in my family. All of this made me feel much better about my own issues. They did not cure them but they did help in making me feel less at a loss about them.

Enough chit chat let’s talk about these layered chia pots!

What’s So Great About These Layered Chia Pots?

The best part of these jars? Well they are just a three step process. That’s right! No 10 step Korean facial here. Just three easy steps to chia pot perfection.

Number one is to prep the chia seed pudding. You’ll wanna do this the night before or like 4-6 hours before prep. You don’t wanna have to wait for this so put it together while your busy and revisit it later.

Next is the berries. Slightly smash them to make a jam and layer it over the pudding around the edges. You are going for looks and appearances her so spread that ish in a thick layer around the sides.

Last step is the granola. Make it ahead and pile it on top. Don’t leave a single square area of this pudding uncovered. You want a good amount of granola on top to give it that cheesecake feel. Because at the end of the day we all wanna feel like we are eating cheesecake right?

Layered Chia Pots

makes: two pots


  • 2 c almond milk or coconut milk
  • 1/2 c chia seeds
  • 1 T sweetener
  • 1/2 t vanilla extract
  • Raspberries
  • Granola


  1. Prep your pudding and granola in advance. Stir together the milk, chia, sweetener, and vanilla. Whisk vigorously for about a minute and let chill. Check it after an hour and stir in the chia that has settled to the bottom. Let chill for a remaining four hours.
  2. Mash your berries and start layering. Do whatever order you want but for best results start with the pudding then go berries and granola.

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